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January 30, 2021


I would like to speak on a very important topic for human need. And that is inspiration, people need inspiration for a lot of things. Did you know a lot of famous athletes got there through inspiration and dedication. Inspiration can come in the most subtle ways.

Kids are easily persuaded and inspired by their parents. That’s why Parents have to be careful what they do and say around their kids because they will pick up on those things very fast. Inspiration people persuade people and give them motivation to fix things or even turn their life around and be a better person.

Motivation comes next because with that you could do anything that comes to your mind if you have the motivation to keep trying until you get what you want. Isaiah Thomas, a famous basketball player, wants to motivate children to get through school. Because if you have the knowledge you could also do anything that comes to mind after you put it together and think it through. Trial and Error is the best way to learn. “Don’t let yesterday take over most of today.” – Will Rogers.