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January 16, 2021

The Gamble Montessori Motto

Gamble has 5 core values, community, hard work,leadership, respect and peace.  Our school is super big on community because it teaches you how to respect and care for everyone. Community is what leads to all of the other core values that’s why everything is equally important. When one person does something good it will make others want to do that same thing now everyone is doing something good for themselves and others but it can also be vice versa. If one student is being bad and disrespectful other students will think that this behavior is acceptable and that is something that just isn’t okay. Granite there are kids who know right from wrong so they aren’t going to follow what everyone else does but everyone isn’t the same and we know that. 

Preparing for the future is something this school does very well.  Teachers are super helpful, whenever you have a question they will try their best to answer or they will get someone who is able to answer the question. College speakers are always in and out of the school talking to all grades about what college is like and how to prepare yourself for it. The school knows that college isn’t everyone’s first choice and they don’t force you to make college an option. People from the military and trade school also come to the school and anyone who’s interested will go to them and have conversation about whatever. Being a part of a school that is just so open and not judgemental is a great thing to be apart and I’m happy to say it’s been a great 6 years.